BriteCore has an entire division dedicated to building digital solutions for carriers. Custom designed for each company, our BriteApps optimize the user experience for policyholders, adjusters, inspectors, staff, and more. Schedule a call to find out how you can engage customers with mobile and web applications tailored to your unique needs.

Mobile Apps

BriteCore's mobile apps are designed to keep customers and potential customers engaged with your brand. Our team works with you to better understand your target audience so we can design apps that are easy for them to discover, install, and use. Enroll in BriteApps today to receive continuous updates for your users.


Insured Portal

BriteCore's self-service functions are available from any internet-ready device used from any location. BriteCore enables customers to engage in interactions ranging from simple account information updates to claims submission and tracking. 


Agent Portal

Programmed using the most advanced, enterprise-level technology in the insurance industry, BriteCore’s agent portal is both attractive and easy-to-use. Our step-by-step policy setup, point-and-click navigation, and minimal input requirements dramatically increase the speed and accuracy in which agents can perform tasks.



BriteQuote is an all-in-one insurance quoting and application system that can be accessed via the web through BriteCore's Agency Portal. BriteQuote empowers agents to carry out a wide variety of functions including quoting submissions, binding new policies, managing accounts (policy, billing, and claims), reviewing agent analytics, managing leads, conducting a needs analysis, and collaborating with underwriters. 


Published API

BriteCore offers a fully published API that allows the carriers to extend the system’s core functionality through API integrations. BriteCore carriers are using our API to build powerful integrations and stand-alone applications that communicate seamlessly with BriteCore through any web accessible application or platform.