Product Definition and Rating

BriteLines is a set of product configuration tools that empowers insurers to define their own products and rates. Users can modify existing products, or build coverages, endorsements, underwriting rules, rates, and forms from the ground up. Product definitions are easy to maintain through a point-and-click interface without any coding required.
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Deploy new products faster
Deploy new products faster
Create innovative new products
Create innovative new products
Respond to market opportunities quickly
Respond to market opportunities quickly
Rapidly deploy into new markets
Rapidly deploy into new markets
Product Definition and Rating
In terms of accessibility, BriteCore has significantly improved the rate at which information is exchanged between customers and agents. Agents can initiate quotes, endorsements, payments, and loss notices via the BriteQuote agent portal, and Halifax Mutual receives immediate notification from BriteCore. This assists our company by improving the proficiency and reciprocity of our customer service, creating a more instantaneous and multidimensional dialogue with our client base.
Lori Clay CEO
Halifax Mutual Ins. Co.

Powerful Rating Capabilities

Rating support includes manual and automated rating variables, flat rates, rate pers, table-based rates, and factor-based rates that can all be tied to user-entered or lookup data to support insurer's needs. BriteCore allows users to copy existing rules and rates with the click of a button or copy rate tables directly from Excel documents, speeding updates and eliminating the need to rekey values or perform manual rate calculation.

Tailored Notifications

Administrators can create personalized notifications, marketing messages, or policy updates directly to a user or group of users from the administrator portal. Messages can be sent as through push notification, email, or messages within the app.

Track Key Engagement Metrics

View metrics about policyholders app engagement directly from the administrator portal. Administrators can see when a policyholder opens a document, makes a payment, files a claim, or even clicks a specific button within the portal.

Product Features

BriteLines equips insurers to define, test and deploy their products faster. This enables insurers to realize the product flexibility and speed to market required to keep pace with the evolving needs and expectations of customers. BriteLines also ensures that any changes are immediately reflected across the platform. As soon as a new product version goes into effect, the agent quoting workflows, rates, documents, and forms all automatically update to reflect changes to ensure your products are agile and flexible.

Rating multiple coverage/quote alternatives
Multi-line, multi-location rating on a single policy
Quick quote option
Out-of-sequence endorsement
After-inception policy rating
Versioning and update management
Change control functions
Auditability of rate versioning
Application and forms library
Download to agency management systems
Pre-integration to third-party data providers
Saving and storing of in-progress policies
ISO rates/rules support
NCCI and Bureau of Workers' Compensation rates/rules support
AAIS rates/rules support
Product design and development tools
Maintain rating algorith definition and management seperately from rate tables
Rate table design and update management tools
Import/export rating tables to/from spreadsheets (e.g. Excel)
Rating and rule definition and management (e.g. automatic driver assignment)
Date management capabilities