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Insurance software that’s there when you need it

BriteCore leverages modern technology to solve everyday business challenges, so your team can work faster and more efficiently. Collaborate from anywhere using powerful, web-based tools that streamline tasks, optimize workflows, and make doing business with your company easy for agents and customers.

All your needs in one cloud-based solution

Manage your daily P&C insurance operations from a single, web-based platform. Connected through APIs, all core, data, and digital components offer a cohesive and consistent experience optimized for your users.

Hit the ground running with flexible tools and templates

BriteCore equips your team with powerful tools that make product and rating modifications fast and simple. Our preset templates and workflows promote the rapid rollout of new products, with version control for peace of mind.
Point and Click Editors

Use fully accessible rating and underwriting rule configuration tools to respond to business environment changes.

Product and Document Templates

Reuse your existing product definitions and documents as templates for rapid expansion into new markets.

Automated Cloud Deployments

Quickly spin up — and just as quickly spin down— new pilot programs and greenfield initiatives using our automated scripts.


Engage your customers with a compelling user experience

Conduct business digitally using our configurable agent portal, policyholder portal, and mobile app, or build your own custom-developed portals, apps, and digital experiences that connect via our API.

Work & Connect from Anywhere

BriteCore is built on the world’s leading hyperscale platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Give your team the agility to work unconstrained by a physical office. Minimize business disruptions — local, regional, or national — without missing a step. Grow your business with confidence, knowing your core platform is always available.
  • BriteCore is built and operates on cloud-based technologies that require only an internet connection to access.
  • We have distributed our staff and our technology assets across multiple regions to mitigate against service disruptions.
  • BriteCore has had a fully-remote workforce for years with extensive experience in remote implementations and support.

Tap into new capabilities with our integrated partnerships and APIs

We designed our platform to be connected so it can evolve and incorporate new technologies over time. The BriteCore ecosystem gives you a wealth of new capabilities through our built-in APIs. We have thriving partnerships with more than 30 vendors and continue to build new integrations.

Choose your own flexible path to continuous innovation

Our clients benefit from continuous updates to our platform that keep pace with changes in the insurance industry and technology. The ongoing evolution of the BriteCore platform helps ensure your team is fully equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.
Cloud-native architecture
The BriteCore platform is architected to make extensive use of AWS native services for performance, reliability, and scalability.
AWS ecosystem
BriteCore supports simple integration with a wide range of services in the AWS ecosystem, which provide diverse capabilities such as text-to-speech, natural language processing, and machine learning.
Continuous update process
The platform is maintained through a continuous update process with new features and functionality introduced in a manageable, incremental fashion.
Community source code contribution
BriteCore’s unique code contribution program offers granular control over new enhancements and the opportunity to contribute to the BriteCore code base.

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