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New Portals Cut Underwriting Timelines in Half

Executive Summary

Improving the agent experience was key.

Loudoun’s primary objective is fostering positive relationships with independent agents through ease of doing business.

Identifying the Business Challenges

Legacy systems didn't support modern engagement strategies and tools.

The company’s legacy core systems lacked the capabilities needed to support their omni-channel engagement strategy and expanding book of business. Loudoun’s goal to cultivate excellent relationships with independent agents through better user experiences required replacing their administration system with a modern, web-based solution with portal capabilities for both agents and policyholders.

To better their agent experience, Loudoun identified requirements for a new system allowing quick quote workflows, efficient data management for agencies, and flexible integrations customized to their organizational goals:

  • Create a quick quote workflow requiring no more than 30 seconds from start to quote
  • Offer agency download of commissions, documents, and claims data
  • Build credit scoring and loss history integrations directly into the quote workflow to eliminate data lookup and entry
  • Increase agent exposure through integration with comparative rater EZLynx

Based on these requirements, Loudoun selected BriteCore’s cloud-based core system to meet their agent experience goals.

Finding the Solution

We divided the work strategically.

Loudoun wanted to improve their agent experience as quickly as possible so they divided the project into two phases: system configuration and conversion/testing.

System Configuration and Testing

The first phase of the project was dedicated to launching the initial version of the core system and delivering new digital capabilities for agents. Loudoun and BriteCore staff worked together to configure Loudoun’s products and third-party integrations including agency download, credit scoring, inspection, and loss history.

During the configuration phase, Loudoun deliberately tasked their younger staff members to leverage their digital fluency, provide new perspectives in quality assurance testing, and encourage enthusiasm about the system shift among their staff. Loudoun also worked with a focus group of agents to obtain ongoing feedback on how well the new system was improving their ease of doing business. The feedback loop from this focus group proved invaluable for prioritization, helping prevent scope creep and keep the project on target to meet Loudoun’s overarching goals. Once configuration was complete, Loudoun held a two-week testing period for their team to verify the site was built correctly and that staff members were thoroughly familiar with the new interface before going live with the software.


During the second phase, Loudoun focused on converting their existing book of business to ensure the ability to manage all of their policies in one system. Their biggest challenge during implementation was the time commitment required to enable automated data conversion through the BriteCore system. By maintaining focus on Loudoun’s goals, both teams were able to successfully convert more than 68,000 policies with 95% data retention.

When we went live with BriteCore, the staff was re-energized by the clean, efficient way the system worked. The core functionality makes everyday processes—like issuing, canceling, or reinstating a policy—seamless and intuitive. Ease of use is reflected in our turnaround time. Our agents are happier with quicker transactions and processes.
Tim Koppenhaver Executive Vice President
Loudoun Mutual
Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Loudoun completed the core system implementation and data conversion ahead of schedule on January 1st, 2020. Loudoun's BriteCore implementation is driving success and further digital transformation within their organization.

Data Retention

Loudoun converted more than 68,000 policies with 95% data retention, through automated data conversion. They were able to import historical data for their entire book of business, providing underwriting and customer service teams with extensive background on existing policies.

Smooth Transition

Loudoun’s agents transitioned seamlessly to BriteQuote, which reduced underwriting turnaround time by 50%, from 8 business days to 4 business days. Throughout the implementation, Loudoun continued to hit their growth goals for premium and surplus ratio.

Continued Improvement

Loudoun continues to develop their user experiences by increasing underwriter efficiency via straight-through processing, enhancing e-Delivery and eDoc capabilities to improve omni-channel support, and launching data initiatives to gain operational insights.

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