Insurer Portal

BriteCore’s insurer portal is the primary user interface for the platform. Its thoughtful design provides intuitive, user-friendly access to the full capabilities of the system. BriteCore’s insurer portal includes a range of settings to configure system preferences, appearances and messaging to reflect your brand and meet the needs of your team. The portal is fully decoupled from the backend system through RESTful APIs that can be used to support headless operation.
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Increased user satisfaction & productivity
Increased user satisfaction & productivity
Reduced training requirements
Reduced training requirements
Secure & flexible permission management
Secure & flexible permission management
Tailored for your brand & operations
Tailored for your brand & operations
"BriteCore has the functionality I have wanted for some time at a cost I can afford. We feel strongly that BriteCore software positions us ahead of the large carriers because we now have the technology to compete with them; plus, we can maintain our culture of good customer service and personal relationships with the agents that the large carriers can't match."
Chris Shipe President & CEO
Loudoun Mutual Ins. Co.

Tailored Notifications

Administrators can create personalized notifications, marketing messages, or policy updates directly to a user or group of users from the administrator portal. Messages can be sent as through push notification, email, or messages within the app.

Track Key Engagement Metrics

View metrics about policyholders app engagement directly from the administrator portal. Administrators can see when a policyholder opens a document, makes a payment, files a claim, or even clicks a specific button within the portal.

Product Features

BriteCore’s Insurer Portal provides your users with an attractive, user-friendly interface that increases their overall user satisfaction. Its thoughtful approach to supporting core processing requirements has resulted in intuitive workflows that require less training and enable proficient users to work more productively. Configuration settings ensure security and flexibility through permission management and the ability to configure settings for branding and notifications. The decoupled nature of the portal and availability of RESTful APIs provide additional options for truly unique digital experiences through headless operations.

Intuitive interface and default workflows
Access to configuration settings
Security and permissions management
System notifications
Support for branding and use of corporate logos
Responsive UI
Fully decoupled via RESTful APIs (supports headless operations)