BI and Analytics

BriteCore offers users ready access to their data, the ability to build ad-hoc reports within the system, and the option to download data tables for use with third-party analytics and business intelligence solutions. This equips business users with self-service tools and access to information they need for common reporting and analysis tasks. Download options provide more sophisticated users with the means to combine BriteCore data with other advanced tools.
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Fast & flexible access to data
Fast & flexible access to data
In-depth, ad hoc analysis
In-depth, ad hoc analysis
Identification of new opportunities
Identification of new opportunities
Support for third-party BI and analytics
Support for third-party BI and analytics
BriteData has provided additional flexibility to respond to our reinsurers and our regulators to be able to obtain the data they are requesting on an ad-hoc basis in a more timely manner.
J. Carter Norton President
Inland Mutual Ins. Co.

Tailored Notifications

Administrators can create personalized notifications, marketing messages, or policy updates directly to a user or group of users from the administrator portal. Messages can be sent as through push notification, email, or messages within the app.

Track Key Engagement Metrics

View metrics about policyholders app engagement directly from the administrator portal. Administrators can see when a policyholder opens a document, makes a payment, files a claim, or even clicks a specific button within the portal.

Product Features

BriteCore’s BI and analytics solutions enable insurance leaders to access their data and dig deeper for the key insights they need to inform their decisions and identify new threats and opportunities. BriteCore’s data for reporting is managed separately from operational data so that in-depth analysis can be conducted without impacting system performance. The system offers access and tool options suitable for a range of activities -- from day-to-day ad hoc reporting to sophisticated analysis with third-party business intelligence tools.

Self-service tools
Data dictionary with 1,500+ data points
Drag-and-drop interface
Ability to create ad hoc reports
Support for complex report scenarios
Support for on-demand analysis
Downloadable data tables
Support for XLS, CSV, PDF, HTML, TXT, and XML reports
Supports connections to third-party analytics and BI tools