OneShield Alternatives

How does one modern cloud-native core insurance system that can be easily extended to support your business sound? BriteCore is focused on delivering one comprehensive, agile core solution to P&C insurers, the BriteCore Platform. In comparison, OneShield offers the choice of a legacy on-prem solution, various modules, or an OMS product with a limited feature set. This multi-product strategy dilutes their focus, ability to innovate, and client support.

  • Gain a clear upgrade path with an all-in-one core insurance platform known for innovation
  • Expand your business by easily configuring new lines, adding new regions, and optimizing your insurance operations
  • Easily connect with new third-party applications and data services
  • Proven success migrating customers to the modern BriteCore Platform

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How do we stack up?

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Cloud-native Application
APIs / Ease of Integration
Flexibility / Adaptability
Continuous Innovation
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Speed / Cost of Deployment
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BIG Innovation Award, 
Business Intelligence Group
Property Casualty 360 Luminaries Award 2022
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2024 Codie Award
SIIA CODiE Finalist Award in FinTech Software category
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Discover Data-Driven Business Insights

BriteCore Reporting & Analytics includes persona-based executive dashboards, advanced analytics, and reporting. Executives, line-of-business leaders (underwriting, claims, billing), and agents can immediately access pre-configured dashboards, tap a library of standard reports, and create custom views and reports to identify and act on new business opportunities for growth or cost savings. Built for configurability and rapid, real-time execution, BriteCore leverages modern in-memory database, machine learning, and data visualization technologies.

BriteCore Executive Dashboard

Enjoy a Modern Core Platform

With BriteCore, P&C insurers gain a cloud-native platform that unlocks business growth, delivers greater productivity and efficiency, and provides a modern customer experience. In comparison to legacy systems like OneShield, BriteCore’s modern core platform enables insurers to:

  • Accelerate new product and line introductions
  • Eliminate costly delays related to implementation
  • Improve combined ratios due to the efficiency of an all-in-one core platform
  • Experience proactive, in-house customer support
  • Benefit from the support of a dedicated customer success manager
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Engage your agents and policyholders with a digital experience

Conduct business digitally using our configurable agent portal, policyholder portal, and mobile app, or build your own custom-developed portals, apps, and digital experiences that connect via our API.
BriteCore is accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Simplify Your Migration to a Modern PAS

BriteCore's reliable processes and advanced migration tools make for a smooth conversion from existing legacy policy administration systems to the BriteCore Platform. Our proven migration approach is designed to mitigate risks, drive efficiency, and ensure a dedicated migration team works closely with your team through every stage.

Step 1


BriteCore assigns a dedicated team to work closely with your staff to establish project goals, timelines, and resource allocation.

  • Assign dedicated team
  • Establish goals and timelines
  • Confirm project resources
Step 2


Our team configures BriteCore to meet your specific business requirements, from products and rating to underwriting rules and reporting.

  • Configure BriteCore
  • Integrate with 3rd party solutions
  • Create documents
Step 3

Go Live

Our training program ensures your team is equipped to navigate and utilize BriteCore effectively, and train agents. We verify completion of all business requirements.

  • Acceptance & QA testing
  • Verify business requirements
  • BriteCore University training