Builds Direct-to-Consumer Portal in Six Months

Executive Summary

Speed to market was essential.

Renters face three major barriers when moving into a new home: paying a full security deposit, locating a lease guarantor, and purchasing renters insurance. Jetty, an InsureTech startup agency founded in 2016, wanted to remove these barriers and improve the rental experience by building an easy-to-use insurance website for modern customers. The company set an aggressive timeline, planning to go live within a year of the company’s creation.

Identifying the Business Challenges

They needed a modern team.

Jetty’s first step was finding the right partners. After an extensive review, the company selected Munich Re as their insurance backer and BriteCore as their core platform.

Finding the Solution

We collaborated across disciplines.

As a startup, Jetty needed modern tools optimized for user productivity and built for integration. BriteCore’s thoroughly modern technology includes React, Redux, and Python programming languages, an AWS development environment, and a robust API. Jetty’s internal engineering team also collaborated with a design agency to develop a fully customized user experience, and seamlessly connected it to the BriteCore platform for policy management.

Within six months, the team deployed an attractive direct-to-consumer web portal, initially offering renters insurance in three states.

BriteCore is proud to collaborate with InsurTech Jetty. The rapid deployment of our platform in only six months is a direct result of both teams’ commitment to cutting-edge technology, transparency in communication, and a shared work ethic.
Phil Reynolds CEO
Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Jetty now offers their rental products in 46 states with nationwide rollout scheduled for completion in 2019. Jetty’s anticipation of customer needs positioned the company as an innovative, competitive force in insurance and an InsureTech success story. In addition to insurance, Jetty also offers a security deposit replacement product and a lease guarantor service. Jetty credits the implementation’s success to three key factors:

The Right People

Jetty built a highly-experienced team, including the former CTO of website-creation platform Squarespace and the former lead front-end engineer for digital media company BuzzFeed.

The Right Tech

BriteCore’s community source model provided Jetty’s engineers with a codebase to build their distribution site and the support model to achieve their project timeline.

The Right Offering

Jetty anticipated customer needs through interviews with insureds as well as partnerships with landlords and companies aiming to use technology to lower customer barriers.

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