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Software for Modern Insurers

BriteCore is a trusted, fully managed insurance platform for the property and casualty industry that supports digital transformation, emerging technologies, and new business models.

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The BriteCore Technology Difference

BriteCore offers a proven path toward cloud-based platform modernization. Since our start in 2010, our customer base has grown from 6 to over 70 insurers. Let us show you how we can help upgrade your technology.
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Point and click rating and underwriting tools

Our customers reduce cycle times from weeks to days and from days to hours or even less. BriteCore’s process automation drives increased efficiency on customer satisfaction instead of tedious manual interventions.

Point and click rating and underwriting tools

BriteCore is cloud-native and offers a 100% remote work environment for customers — no on-prem footprint. The entire system is highly redundant and durable through multi-zone hosting in AWS’s global infrastructure.

Point and click rating and underwriting tools
Digital Capabilities

Policyholders are able to access policies, claims, and other documents through our web portals and mobile apps. Agents are able to quote and issue business and endorsements,  access loss and accounting information, manage portfolios, and view reports.

Point and click rating and underwriting tools

Rapid, true no-code product configuration natively propagates through rating, quoting, and throughout the platform with zero engineering intervention. Roll new products out and respond to new market opportunities with a system equipped for growth and change.

Point and click rating and underwriting tools
Client Satisfaction

High automation, configurability, access, and efficiency equip your team to achieve new levels of communication, flexibility, and customer service.

Point and click rating and underwriting tools
Cost Savings

Costs are reduced significantly through the elimination of on-prem hardware maintenance and support, and dramatic reduction of paper-based processes.