BriteCore's comprehensive settings module provides tools to customize your BriteCore experience. Settings tailor every aspect of the BriteCore experience, including billing schedules, quoting workflows, permissions and much more. Configure system preferences, appearance, and messaging to meet the unique needs of your business.


Set Security Preferences

Customized permissions ensure only authorized users can view or edit information in BriteCore. Limit which sensitive information staff members can access to only information essential to their job function. Adjust login preferences to increase security through login attempts limits, password length and complexity requirements, idle login session time limits, and role and permission identification for employees.


Establish your brand

Settings provides you with the flexibility needed to establish your brand. We have designed and implemented tools allowing you to control messaging and logos on declarations, cancellation notices, billing notices, and other custom deliverables, as well as messaging and logos inside the Agency Portal. These tools create instantly-recognizable deliverables with messaging that best fits your goals and brand.


Opt Into New Functionality 

Each night, we add extensively-tested releases to all client platforms. Nightly releases include new features and system improvements for clients, providing a constantly evolving and expanding platform. Through BriteCore's settings module, you can opt into any new functionality to choose which new capabilities are added to your BriteCore instance.


Automate Notifications

Specified events in BriteCore can automatically trigger system-generated email notifications, such as monthly commission reports, electronic payment reports, and user password resets. Carriers can configure email recipients for each of these notifications inside BriteCore's settings module so your team never misses an important event.