Policyholder Portal

BriteCore offers customized, integrated, and branded mobile apps to providers. One of the most widely used BriteApps is our Policyholder Portal. Out of the box, BriteCore’s Policyholder Portal allows policyholders to view details of their policies, pay bills electronically, enroll in autopay, submit a claim, upload photos, and edit contact information.


Downloading the App

Policyholders have a flexible range of options to access your fully branded mobile app. Users can download the native mobile app directly from the Apple or Google Play stores, or can log in to the portal from a desktop or mobile browser.


Enrolling in the App

After downloading the app, policyholders are directed to a login screen, where new users set up accounts and returning users log in to their existing account. During enrollment,  the user's identity is validated, policy information is retrieved, data is verified, and account setup is performed.


Viewing the Dashboard

From the BriteApps Administrative Portal, insurers can customize theming, branding, and messaging for the Policyholder Portal dashboard. System-generated notifications, alerts, and policy information appear just below the branded header.


Uploading Policy PhotoS

Through the Policies section of the dashboard, policyholders can view policy terms, named policyholders, and the main property photo. Users can also see a Google Maps view of the policy location, the policy address, and any photos agents have uploaded. 


Viewing Policy Details

Providers select and customize documents policyholders can view from the app. By default, the app displays documents clients are scheduled to receive, such as billing invoices and declaration pages. Users can also upload and attach files to a policy, which providers can also access.


Filing a Claim

From the Administrative Portal, providers can configure the company's app to show a policy's agent contact information. The BriteApp displays each agent or agency attached to a policy, which users can access from their dashboard.


Viewing Policy Documents

On the Property Details screen, policyholders can upload property photos, add captions, set the primary photo, and remove their property photos. From the Attachments module, providers can also access photos policyholders have uploaded.


Accessing Agent and Account Information

Policyholders can submit FNOL from the policyholder dashboard. To file claims, users enter loss information, including the policy, location, date, description, and photos. BriteApps notifies the adjuster after users submit claims. Policyholders can view claims, status, and adjuster information from their dashboard.


Submitting a Payment

Users can complete several payment processes from within the app, including paying their bill, changing their payment plan, enrolling in autopay, viewing their payment schedule, and updating their payment methods. BriteApps stores the user's preferred payment method for future payments.


Configuring Portal Settings

Providers can customize and brand the Policyholder Portal from the BriteApps Administrative Portal. Providers can also configure a variety of settings, including editing permissions, authentication methods, notifications, and delivery options. Admins can even configure event-triggered messages through text templates.