How Leading Mutual Insurers Leverage Analytics to Improve Performance

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Insurers have a wealth of data in their core systems…are you effectively leveraging this data for new business insights?


As analytics and dashboards become more prevalent in the insurance industry, top P&C insurers are consistently utilizing these tools to track and improve their business operations. In addition to monitoring loss and combined ratios, leading insurers are using data to identify trends, track key performance indicators, and respond proactively to emerging challenges.

Key Takeaways
Cutting-edge techniques from industry peers to 'light up' your data and generate new insights
How reports, analytics, and dashboards each have an essential role to play in daily operations - where you should focus and when
Best practices from two leading mutual insurers that use analytics to guide their business
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Amede Hungerford
Alex Gann
Farmers Fire Insurance
Scott Page
Vice President
Cameron Mutual Insurance
John Kadous
VP of Products