Partner Webinar

Automate to Elevate

Transforming the Agent and Policyholder Experience

On Demand
1 Hour

Gain invaluable insights and best practices from a leading insurer and BriteCore to enhance your P&C insurance operations.


Learn how P&C insurers are streamlining processes and enhancing the Agent and Policyholder experience through automation. This webinar highlights the transformative impact of automation on insurance operations. Throughout this session, you will:

Key Takeaways
Discover how leading insurers leverage automation to enhance efficiency and elevate the Agent and Policyholder experience.
Learn strategies for optimizing workflows and reducing manual tasks to streamline P&C insurance operations effectively.
Explore innovative approaches to strengthen communication and engagement with Agents and Policyholders.
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Brian Taylor
President & CEO
Municipal Mutual Insurance Company
Brian Jones
Solutions Consultant
Amede Hungerford
Chief Marketing Officer