BriteCore’s Lines module empowers insurers to define their own products. Business users can easily build coverages, endorsements, underwriting rules, rates, and forms from the ground up.  Bulk editing tools increase the efficiency of updating rates and expanding lines to new states, saving you countless hours of configuration time.


time-Saving Rate Management

With manual and automated rating variables, powerful bulk editing tools, and an organized graphic interface, our clients spend hours, not months, setting up rate changes and deploying new lines. BriteCore allows you to copy all of your existing rules and rates with the click of a button. Never again will you have to spend weeks manually calculating and re-entering new rates or memorizing arcane rate codes.


Broad rate coverage

BriteCore supports a broad range of rates, including both manual and automated rating variables, flat rates, rate pers, table-based rates, and factor based rates that can all be tied to user-entered or lookup data to support your company's needs. In our experience of serving over forty carriers, we have never encountered a rate we couldn't offer or that wasn't supported by with the system.


Version control

The Lines Module is fully versioned by date, allowing you to update rates and forms in advance and review prior Lines configurations. You can copy existing rules and rates, make changes, and then set a future effective date for new rates. When the date arrives, your agents automatically see the updates in the quoting system and all of your billing and print deliverables reflect changes, dramatically reducing time spent planning and executing rate changes and deploying new lines of business.


Automatic Updates

With BriteCore, it's easy to change the version of your forms or even your entire rating bureau. When decs are printed, forms are automatically generated and delivered to insureds. Dec sheets can be configured to print with company-specific layouts and language. You don't have to worry about incorrect forms being given to insureds or about keeping paper copies. Everything prints and emails correctly and automatically.