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Keeping Cyber-Scares At-Bay!

June 12, 2018

In InsureTech, going from 1 to 50 in 8 months is (trail)blazingly fast.

BriteCore is thrilled to welcome At-Bay to the insurance industry and to the BriteCore community.

Located in Mountain View, California, startup At-Bay is modernizing cyber insurance using its combined know-how in technology and coverage. Now live in all 50 states, the new cyber insurance company offers a complete solution to cyber risk, providing comprehensive risk assessment, tailored cyber insurance policies, and year-round active risk-monitoring and risk-management service.

Experience Leads to Solutions

With a keen awareness of present and evolving cyber threats, At-Bay extends comprehensive and customized insurance solutions that address the unique challenges stemming from a digitally interconnected world. The company’s insurance policy covers damages from a variety of cyber event types, including data breach, cyber attack, business interruption, extortion, financial fraud, and media liability.

At-Bay uses its technological expertise to assist customers in identifying vulnerabilities before cyber events occur and provides insurance offerings that transfer the risks customers cannot mitigate themselves. At-Bay is empowering businesses not only to focus on their core strengths but also to reap the benefits from new technologies fearless of innovation.

Engaging and Educating Customers

If terms such as ransomware, denial-of-service attack, blockchain, or Meltdown and Spectre leave your head spinning, At-Bay has you covered from an insurance and a knowledge standpoint. As a tech company, At-Bay maintains an active presence on its website and in social media, leveraging them for both promotion and education. Through substantive content on the company’s Tools and Ideas webpage and Blog, and commentary on timely articles posted on social media, At-Bay informs current and potential customers of ongoing, relevant threats. The At-Bay website also features a novel data breach cost calculator focused on helping companies determine their financial exposure from ever-changing threats.

Earning Recognition Early

Because of its tech-enabled underwriting, broker tools, and security services, At-Bay is nominated for Cyber Newcomer of the Year at Advisen’s 2018 Cyber Risk Awards, to be held in June 2018. At-Bay has also secured financial backing from industry heavyweights such as Munich Re.

At-Bay and BriteCore: A Natural Fit

At-Bay is well on its way to unlocking new achievements in insurance and technology. We couldn’t be happier At-Bay has chosen BriteCore to provide the modern insurance technology platform that make such accomplishments possible.

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