Highlights From BriteCon '22

BriteCore’s User & Partner Conference

June 3, 2022

Driven by this year’s theme of “Explore, Learn, Connect,” another successful BriteCon has come and gone—a day brimming with conversation, updates, and insights.

The annual BriteCon event offered a variety of sessions as attendees heard from BriteCore leadership, Product  and Services team members, as well as BriteCore customers. The icing on the cake was the Beacon awards program at the conclusion of the event, recognizing customer excellence across the BriteCore community.

If you were unable to join, we have attempted to capture the top insights, highlights, and key takeaways from the event.

Expanded Leadership team brings SaaS and functional expertise to BriteCore

CEO Ray Villeneuve kicked-off BriteCon ‘22 to an enthusiastic audience of BriteCore attendees, spanning customers, partners, and industry influencers.

Ray shared a broad-based business update on BriteCore, business and industry insights, as well as key initiatives and market opportunities to drive BriteCore’s continued success as the core technology platform of choice. Aligning the company for growth, Ray indexed on  the wealth of experience now driving BriteCore’s business—sourcing experts in the fields of engineering, quality assurance, data architecture, P&C insurance, process optimization and more—arming them with new talent, tools and processes to support our growing BriteCore community.

From a business function standpoint, BriteCore enhanced its customer focus by optimizing the Service team structure, adding experienced leadership team members, and sharing innovative approaches taken to respond quickly and effectively. Additionally, world-class enterprise GTM experience has joined BriteCore since the last BriteCon event to ensure the continued rapid expansion of the BriteCore community. A prevailing theme across the BriteCon presentations was the enthusiasm and excitement for the benefits delivered by BriteCore — and the potential to expand its reach even further. As part of a fireside chat session, founders Phil Reynolds and Chris Reynolds echoed that enthusiasm with Phil stating “I’m excited to see BriteCore's leadership team so closely engaged with customers and the market to address their needs. The future is Brite.”

BriteCore delivers growth, productivity, and future-ready innovation to midsize P&C insurers

Throughout the conference, each session reinforced BriteCore’s ability to help P&C insurers grow, create more efficient operations and modernize their business on a platform that has the flexibility to support their future growth.

Midsize P&C insurance carriers and MGAs often suffer from poor productivity and lost business due to inefficiencies of their legacy, on-premises core policy administration systems. BriteCore enables P&C insurers to boost their share of agent business, efficiently administer their policies, streamline billing, and speed claims processes through an all-in-one system that includes agent and policyholder portals. BriteCore’s modern, web-based platform ensures their competitive edge and, in most cases, more than doubles their business without adding staff.

During a customer roundtable of five insurance leaders, each attested to the growth they have experienced since moving to BriteCore.  Most insurers report that moving to BriteCore eliminates manual processes and increases operational efficiency through streamlined processes, time-saving workflows, and reduced call volumes and errors. Additionally, extending capabilities through third-party vendor integrations was discussed by many—each giving testament to the ease of use, time savings, and customer and agent satisfaction improvements to win them business over (sometimes much larger) competitors.

And, as they all experienced the pandemic orders to work from home, each insurer praised BriteCore’s remote functionality that made that major societal event a non-issue to their business.

The increasing importance of data and analytics

In most industries and insurance notwithstanding, data is a daily discussion—and was a recurring theme throughout the BriteCon presentations.

Easily accessing and presenting data has significant value to BriteCore users for not only running their business but strategically managing and growing it. Reporting and Analytics, which was BriteCon’22’s most popular session, captured the attention of many inquiring minds. BriteCore customer Alex Gann, CIO of Farmers Fire Insurance, has been working closely with BriteCore on new reporting initiatives. Alex commented, “BriteCore continues to strive towards streamlining data access and analysis. The goal is to be better informed and get our hands on insightful data to make better decisions that help us continue to grow our business more profitably and sustainably.”  

Community – The driving force for BriteCore

From the very earliest BriteCon event to today, it is clear that community participation and feedback is pivotal to the success of the P&C insurance industry and is what drives BriteCore.

Community engagement at all levels: collaboration with the BriteCore Customer Advisory Board, product management outreach for insurer insights, technical services engaging strategically with customers to address their ever-growing needs, and more .. will lead to mutual success.

Through an array of channels, BriteCore’s commitment is to keep the conversation going ensuring we continue to explore ideas, learn from experience, and continually stay connected with our community. The future really does look Brite!

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