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BriteCore Expands Its Solution Marketplace with Four New Vendor Solutions

New Vendor Additions Improve Operational Efficiency and Digital Agility of P&C Insurers

February 21, 2024

San Mateo, CA – BriteCore, a next-generation provider of cloud-native core administration solutions for property and casualty (P&C) insurance carriers and MGAs, proudly announces the expansion of its Solution Marketplace with the addition of four new insurance vendor solutions. These new vendor integrations include Smarty, LexisNexis Auto Data Prefill, Verisk VINMaster, and Betterview.

The BriteCore Solution Marketplace is a significant development in the insurance industry, offering an unparalleled array of choices and flexibility for insurance carriers. With over 70 different vendors offering over 100 integrations, the marketplace enables clients to customize their BriteCore experience by choosing from a diverse range of vendors, each offering unique capabilities and services that integrate smoothly with the BriteCore platform. This marketplace is not just a collection of solutions; it's a carefully curated ecosystem that enhances the operational efficiency and digital agility of P&C insurers.

New Vendor Solutions:

  • Betterview: Enables P&C insurers to analyze, score, manage, and monitor property risk
  • LexisNexis Auto Data Prefill: Streamlines the insurance quote process by providing robust data on both the driver and vehicle
  • Smarty: Verifies property addresses to ensure accuracy and consistency in policy documentation
  • Verisk VINMaster: Delivers comprehensive data on personal auto vehicles

"The addition of these four new solutions into the BriteCore Solution Marketplace aligns with our commitment to continuously evolve and meet the dynamic needs of the P&C insurance industry," said Ray Villeneuve, Chief Executive Officer at BriteCore. "By incorporating these advanced tools, we're focused on helping our clients improve their combined ratios and enabling them to offer superior service to their agents and policyholders."

At the core of this initiative is the cloud-native BriteCore Platform, a comprehensive and modern insurance solution designed for flexibility and enhanced user experience. It supports an extensive range of features that streamline insurance operations and offer advanced business intelligence capabilities.

The BriteCore Solution Marketplace, with these new integrations, is available to all BriteCore clients. The addition of these new vendor integrations is a testament to BriteCore's dedication to providing a comprehensive, adaptable, and state-of-the-art technology ecosystem for P&C insurers.

For more information about these new solutions and the BriteCore Solution Marketplace, please visit

About BriteCore:

BriteCore delivers a cloud-native core insurance platform for P&C insurers that unlocks business growth, delivers greater productivity, and provides a modern customer experience. With the BriteCore Platform, insurers easily administer policies, manage billing and claims, rapidly configure new products, and access detailed reporting and analytics in an all-in-one core system, including agent and policyholder portals.

Trusted by over 90 insurers across North America, BriteCore’s policy administration solution enables mid-size carriers and fast-growing MGAs to efficiently manage their insurance operations and effectively compete with the largest providers.

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