How do you win the insurance customer of the future?

In 2020, the world changed. Overnight, digital business switched from being an emerging trend to a necessity. Many insurance companies (and many insurance customers!) were unprepared for such a sudden change.

Some insurance customers were unphased. Sometimes referred to as “digital natives,” these customers have a digital-first mindset and have been quick to embrace new technologies. These digital natives are the insurance customer of the future.

As the industry looks ahead and applies lessons learned from 2020, we’ve prepared the following resources for insurance leaders who are asking, “How do we win the insurance customer of the future?”

Are you ready for the world of the digital native?

The number of digital natives — the customer of the future — has been growing each year. By studying consumer trends and the behaviors of digital natives (and reflecting on our shared experiences) we’re able to identify essential keys to success. Our guide offers insight and action steps for winning the customer of the future.

Key Takeaways:
Understand how the limitations of legacy model erode trust
Track the accelerations of digital behaviors among consumers
Plan for an emerging model of continuous (digital) engagement
Look ahead to next steps for digital transformation

How will new technologies serve the insurance customer of the future?

To win the customer of the future, insurers will need to adapt to new consumer behaviors and expectations, embrace new channels, and combine new technologies (such as AI and the IoT) with integrated offerings. What will that future look like?

Our latest blog post describes a “Customer of the Future” crop insurance scenario that shows how touchless claims, the IoT, and smart things turn a catastrophic crop loss into a minor hiccup during the growing season.

What technologies of the future are in use by insurance customers today?

Are these  “customer of the future” scenarios just entertaining conjecture, or can we actually see these technologies emerging today?

We investigated this and prepared a helpful infographic highlighting smart home and wearable technologies that are being adopted by consumers. Although these are new and still being refined, they are already being incorporated into homeowners insurance and other insurance offerings.