MUNICIPAL: Cloud Core Systems Conversion

Municipal Mutual Insurance Company (MMIC) launched BriteCore’s cloud-based policy administration suite in 2012 to modernize company processes. Since going live with BriteCore, MMIC has seen continuous growth in direct written premium, policy count, and agency partners. Their postage and mailing cost reduction alone paid for their investment in BriteCore within the first nine months of project launch.

Business Need

Inefficient workflows caused MMIC to lose time, money, and agency partnership opportunities. All policy and claim related documents were printed and stored within the company’s 12,000-square-foot office space, and additional employees were hired to manage the documents in their space. Document processes and other inefficiencies caused agencies previously bringing new business to MMIC to discontinue the partnership.

proposed solution

MMIC adopted BriteCore’s cloud-based insurance administration system. Hosted through Amazon Web Services, BriteCore offers core, data, and digital components to improve efficiencies, disaster recovery capabilities, and agency relationships. The Policies and Claims modules provide simple, paperless management of the entire policy and claim lifecycle. Agents quote and submit new applications through BriteQuote, BriteCore’s integrated, web-based quoting service. Administrators can configure and update their product rates and rules from the Lines module, automatically updating products across the administrative and agency portals.

solution architecture

Frontend: Javascript, HTML, CSS

Backend:  Python, Pandas/Jupyter, MySQL/ AWS Aurora, Redis, Rabbit MQ, JINJA2, pytest/Selenium

Devops: AWS Elastic Container Service, AWS RDS, AWS S3, AWS Elasticsearch, AWS Autoscaling, AWS ElastiCache, AWS Identity & Access Management, Kibana 4, Icinga, Jenkins, RunDeck, GitHub, Salt Stack, Puppet

Success metrics

Since their project launch in 2012, MMIC’s direct written premium and policy count have increased each year. The implementation also improved internal auditing practices, increased the efficiency of workflows, and provided more robust metrics and KPI reporting. Agency offices that discontinued writing business with MMIC returned due to MMIC’s investment in modernization and exceptional user experience. The number of agencies MMIC partners with whose premiums are in excess of $100,000 annually have increased from 34 agencies in 2012 to 58 in 2018. MMIC was able to eliminate their document storage warehouse and become a paperless company. Elimination of printing and postage costs allowed MMIC to recover their BriteCore investment costs within nine months of project launch.

“Since Municipal Mutual purchased the BriteCore product, we have gained the ability to customize our workflow and increase efficiency by eliminating manual processes. The ‘ease of business’ concept really came to life and has let our company with limited IT staff prepare for future success!”

- Brian Taylor, President/CEO of Municipal Mutual Insurance Company