BriteCore's dashboards give agents, underwriters, and department managers overviews of the reports and metrics they care about most. Data visualization using our built in dashboards make it easy for users to digest the information reported, so users are able to collaborate and make timely decisions related to business operation and enterprise performance management.


Data Visualization

Britecore provides built-in web based interactive dashboards with the most relevant data and Key Performance Indicators. Tracking these indicators and making proactive adjustments to company policy and performance as needed, you can ensure that your company remains competitive and stands out in the insurance industry. 

Offline Analysis

Using our web interface, you have access to files with copies of your data specially designed for reporting purposes and analysis. You can explore those data sets offline with Excel or other spreadsheets software to analyze and match with other data sources. For more advanced use cases,  our Jupyter Notebooks with Pandas can be implemented using data extracts.