Custom Reporting

Individual carriers have reporting needs specific to their lines of business, state department, and reinsurance treaties. We develop custom reports as a component of every system implementation to make sure you have access to the data you need in the precise format you desire. Examples of custom reports include state fire fees paid, detailed limit profiles, and loss layer summaries for reinsurance.


Custom Reports

Insurers with internal IT expertise can mine BriteCore's comprehensive dataset for risk analysis, advanced processing, business performance management, benchmarking, and predictive modeling using the power of the Python library Pandas where they can also leverage existing open source tools for complex actuarial and statistical models as well as for Machine Learning.



BriteData is our proprietary web-based, self-service reporting tool which allows users with minimum technical knowledge to build their own data extracts and reports without IT intervention. Using a drag and drop interface, users can add required data points and columns from different domains––like claims, policies or accounting––to build their reports. To further transform the data for more complex reporting scenarios, users can define rules and add filters.

BriteData Report Builder - Define Report.png
BriteData Report Builder - Choose Data.png
BriteData Report Builder - Define Rules.png

Reports generated using BriteData can also be easily scheduled for automatic distribution to an e-mail address or to a secured FTP location for sharing and integrating with external parties like property inspections and reinsurance.