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Friends Cove Mutual

New Quoting System Drives Business Growth


The goal was to become more competitive in the market.

Friends Cove needed to grow their business and improve their competitive position as they adapted to the changing insurance market.


An old quoting system offered limited capability.

Like many insurers, they were constrained by a legacy system that lacked the features and capabilities to support their business objectives. Working around its limitations took a lot of time and resources, and they struggled to respond to new market opportunities.

Friends Cove was using a customized version of iwsQuotes for their quoting process. When first implemented in 2009, iwsQuotes had been a significant advancement for the company, and over the next ten years, they had achieved major benefits from its use. By 2019, however, it had reached its end-of-life and was no longer supported.

Technical limitations in iwsQuotes also made integration difficult. Friends Cove had implemented BriteCore as its new cloud-based core platform for policy, billing, claims, and portals. The old quoting solution could not interface with the new system, which had resulted in unacceptable limitations in automation and a high level of manual workarounds in the quoting process.

Friends Cove needed to replace its custom quoting system with a modern, web-based solution to increase automation and ease of use for employees and agents. They also needed to be able to modify underwriting questions on the fly.


We collaborated on the technical transition and a user adoption plan.

Solving these software issues would put Friends Cove in a better state to take advantage of new technology and focus on the business of insurance. First, they needed to configure their existing lines of business through BriteCore to support more streamlined quoting. Friends Cove then needed to implement BriteQuote, BriteCore’s quoting and application system. BriteQuote is a free upgrade for BriteCore clients.

Friends Cove knew this initiative was critical to their business, and as a small company, they could not dedicate resources to the project full time. They contracted BriteCore to help complete the lines initiative to configure their lines of business at speed without pulling their own staff from business-critical roles. BriteCore dedicated resources from their professional services and marketing teams to work alongside Friends Cove staff. The companies managed the project collaboratively, including planning, executing, testing, and revising the BriteQuote launch based on internal feedback and key results. They also worked together on user research and marketing campaigns to increase the adoption of the new quoting system.

BriteQuote gave us exactly the flexibility and automation capabilities we needed to grow our business and improve our competitive position.
Dan DeArment President & CEO
Friends Cove Mutual Insurance Company

Measuring Success

In March 2019, Friends Cove Mutual rolled BriteQuote out to their agency force. Both agents and Friends Cove’s own staff reported that the intuitive nature of the BriteQuote platform made it easy to learn and quickly experience its benefits. Friends Cove saw three key results:

New Business Growth

Friends Cove processed its first quote and application on the new system in March of 2019. Within seven months, the company saw a 61.5% growth in new business compared to the previous year and was able to reduce staff by 15%. Friends Cove also saw a significant increase in operational efficiency, ease of use, and workforce adoption after partnering with BriteCore to launch.

Efficiency Gains

Efficiency gains in the quoting and application conversion phases significantly reduced workloads for Friends Cove’s staff. Eliminating redundant data entry when converting a quote to a policy gave Friends Cove the opportunity to keep staffing at historically low levels while still maintaining a high level of customer service to their agents and policyholders.

Adoption and Outreach

Friends Cove enjoyed high workplace adoption of the new system from the start, due in part to successful outreach and marketing. The BriteCore marketing team provided expertise to design and execute the marketing strategy for rollout. The customized campaign was well received by agents, and allowed Friends Cove to gain
experience in more sophisticated marketing techniques for future use.

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