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OBRIEN & Alamance Farmers’ Mutual

Print and Mail Outsourcing Strengthens Business Capabilities

Executive Summary

Marketing Automation and Business Continuity

Alamance Farmers Mutual (AFM) increased disaster preparedness, streamlined processes, and modernized communications by leveraging the API functionality of BriteCore, their modern core processing system. Policyholder communications are challenging to manage without systems to accommodate increased print and mail volumes as businesses grow. BriteCore’s flexibility and extensibility allowed AFM to drive efficiencies and support expansion by implementing OBRIEN Insurance Solutions as their print and mail outsourcing platform. Although many insurers struggle to keep up with advances in printing and document management technology, OBRIEN bridged this gap for AFM, ensuring stability and customer responsiveness as AFM grows.

Identifying the Business Challenges

Cost Effective Communication at Scale

Increasing production capabilities and creating custom deliverables were essential for AFM as they grew. The company needed a cost-effective solution for communication and marketing that allowed them to remain responsive to customers and flexible to evolving circumstances. Effective target marketing is difficult to accomplish at scale, so the insurer sought stable printing solutions to solve communication challenges reliably without heavy oversight or service gaps. AFM wanted the ability to move a print project from concept to material asset, delivered with precision to 100% of their target customers, without compromising speed or quality.

AFM faced vulnerabilities from business disruptions, such as natural disasters and equipment failures, that could impact its customers. Business continuity planning indicated a need to protect corporate reputation by returning to normalcy as efficiently as possible following any disruptive event. Redundancy in essential communication channels became a top priority.

AFM’s growth strategies and disaster preparedness required a digital foundation to enable remote access and the ability to pivot as necessary. BriteCore provided this foundation, allowing AFM to work with a network of digital solution providers. To help navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities, AFM partnered with OBRIEN to develop a robust print and mail outsourcing platform that drives efficiencies through lowered costs, faster turnaround time, and increased capabilities.

Finding the Solution

Automation Enables Preparedness and Growth

OBRIEN provides AFM with multiple levels of business continuity, enabled by the flexibility of the company’s core system, BriteCore. Content targeted to specific policyholders for upsell opportunities builds efficiencies into daily operations. Automating communication and marketing processes allows the insurer to focus on their core competencies while printing and mail experts manage documents and delivery. BriteCore’s seamless integration with OBRIEN allows AFM to create new templates within BriteCore that OBRIEN can “map” within five days. The insurer can now quickly customize and send thousands of letters to policyholders in color or black and white.

Each day, OBRIEN places print-ready documents in a portal before 7:00 a.m. so AFM can review, suppress, or approve individual documents or the entire batch. Once approved, OBRIEN prints and mails all approved documents on the same day. Both standard printing and custom deliverables follow this same process, which requires five minutes of review for a single AFM staff member.

OBRIEN owns their print facility, which makes it possible for them to personalize their service. They paired our letters with perfect envelopes that fit BriteCore documents like a glove. The finished product was not only attractive but prevented the materials from delayed delivery and “return to sender” errors.
Jason Buchek Vice President
Alamance Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company
Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Since implementing OBRIEN, AFM has reduced cost and protected customer relationships while maintaining a focus on growth. AFR gained three key benefits:

Business Continuity

AFM relied on the BriteCore/OBRIEN partnership in response to COVID-19. This digital foundation enabled remote access and the ability to strategically pivot while competitors scrambled to outsource essential functions on the fly.

Cost Reduction

Direct cost savings compared with on-premises printing, mail, and document management include increased efficiency, repurposed employee hours, and reduced waste associated with long turnaround times and mail “returned to sender.”

Increased Responsiveness

OBRIEN printed and mailed 6,000 custom letters within five days of receiving the first proof. All 6,000 printed letters were delivered successfully, protecting corporate reputation by quickly addressing concerns early in the pandemic.

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