Vendor Integrations

There are many excellent third party vendors who offer extended value to BriteCore clients. We integrate with these companies to provide additional services such as mortgagee notification, property valuation, and loss history. The current list of providers is long and growing, so if you have questions about a new service, don't hesitate to ask us. 


Extended Value

We are always looking for new opportunities to extend the value of BriteCore through new service offerings. We currently integrate with several third party vendors to offer or extend services such as accounting, document scanning, check scanning, mortgagee notification, payment processing, protection classes, quoting, and risk assessment. Click here to view our list of featured vendors.


Direct Relationships

Vendors work with a wide range of companies and can provide valuable insight into their area of expertise. We promote direct relationships between our clients and third party vendors to ensure that our clients know how to best utilize available services.


No Margins

We strive for a high level of trust and neutrality in our role between clients and service vendors. We do not charge a margin on monthly or annual fees to vendors, nor do we accept any profit distributions from other organizations. We are your advocate in vendor relationships.


Ongoing Maintenance

We maintain ongoing changes to vendor connections as part of standard annual support. We work hard to avoid surprise fees so you can reliably plan your BriteCore budget.


Group Discounts

Many of our vendors offer group discount pricing to BriteCore customers. Contact the vendor of your choice for detailed pricing information.