Quarterly Update

New BriteCore Features in Q2

2020 Update

On Demand
40 Minutes

Learn more about new features released in BriteCore during the second quarter of 2020.


View the second installment of BriteCore's New Features Webinar, exploring the top new enhancements released during Q2 of 2020. This webinar includes demonstrations, how-to’s on adding new features to your BriteCore site, and an open Q&A.

Key Takeaways
Expand Claim Authority Limit Capabilities
Enhance Your Site's Branding
Improve User Experience for Your Underwriters
Justin Cimino
Product Director, Policies, Quotes, and Notes
Kelly Avina
Product Director, Finances, Claims, and Docs
Will Guldin
Design Director, Product Manager of UI and BriteApps
Ashley Sneller
Business Development Rep.