Quarterly Update

New BriteCore Features in Q1

2020 Update

On Demand
45 Minutes

Catch up on the new features released in BriteCore so far in 2020.


View our first-ever New BriteCore Features Webinar, exploring the top new enhancements released to-date for 2020. This vacation-themed webinar includes demonstrations, how-to’s on adding new features to your BriteCore site, and an open Q&A.

Key Takeaways
Support Moratorium Requirements
Improve Agent Experience
Track Policyholder Portal Usage Metrics
Invoice Cloud Integration
Justin Cimino
Product Director, Policies, Quotes, and Notes
Kelly Avina
Product Director, Finances, Claims, and Docs
Elaine Cummings
Product Owner, BriteApps
Ashley Sneller
Business Development Rep.