BriteCore Services

$200 per hour (average rate)


There are no upfront license fees with BriteCore. We charge a standard hourly rate (currently averages $200 per hour) for any work you require during implementation, matching your costs with your needs. See direct value with every dollar you spend.


Product Customization

Your company provides agents and insureds with unique value, and whatever your competitive advantages are, your processing system must support them. We work with customers during implementation to identify these strengths and develop an implementation strategy that includes customized feature development. We tailor the software to make sure your system does exactly what you need it to do.


Rule and Rate Entry

You offer unique products, rates, and underwriting guidelines. We provide enormous flexibility to define underwriting rules and rating algorithms through BriteCore's Lines module. Our content management team is expertly trained to configure BriteCore's rating and underwriting workflow for implementing carriers. You provide us with your rating and underwriting manual, and we configure BriteCore to support your products. Once we have completed the initial setup, we can train your staff to maintain the rules and rates or we can manage that process for you.


Service Integrations

BriteCore can be extended through third party service providers that offer additional services such as credit scoring, loss history, or replacement cost estimation. We do not charge any margin or ongoing fees for third party integrations, instead opting for direct agreements between the carrier and the vendor. As such, we only charge an hourly fee to initially connect the vendor services to your BriteCore instance.


Networking and Data

Deploying BriteCore requires IT setup that is centered around your needs and your existing systems. We will work with you to configure a cloud hosting package that meets your durability and scalability requirements. Once the system is up, we will write necessary utilities to convert data from your legacy administration system. Finally, we will establish connections with any devices inside your home office such as printers or data replication servers.