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August 5, 2020

For years BriteCore used the tried and tested Sphinx tool to create technical documentation for our APIs at Sphinx is a well-regarded tool that is in common use, but it does not automatically produce OpenAPI documents.

As is so common with manual processes, they can be difficult to maintain over time as organizations change and teams are constantly juggling priorities.

Recently we made several improvements to to address this documentation challenge with automation. Each of our services run through a pipeline for building, testing, and packaging before we make it available for deployment. As part of that pipeline, services may provide OpenAPI specifications. The OpenAPI specification provides technical documentation for consumers of the API. Those specifications are now automatically created and deployed to This eliminates the former dependency on manual updates and ensures that our customers always have the latest technical documentation.

This change also frees up BriteCore resources to expand the level of support we can provide with additional instructions or making use of new capabilities. We look forward to providing you with new guides and examples to help you build on the BriteCore platform.

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