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Our Leadership

BriteCore's mission is to build elegant solutions to difficult problems. When engaging with P&C insurers, we strive to be helpful advisors, effective communicators, and enablers of their success. To carry out this mission, we've hired leaders who have extensive backgrounds in insurance and technology. Working together with our clients and partners, we've created a deep sense of community and friendship throughout our entire ecosystem.

Phil Reynolds

Founder & CEO

Chris Reynolds

Founder & Chairman

Art Meadows

Board Member

Alex Stratoudakis

Board Member

Jordan Bettman

Board Member

Beth Boettcher Finke

Board Member

Glenn Weinstein

Board Member

John Cavoores

Board Member

John Davi

Chief Product Officer

Will Guldin

Product Director - Design

Tricia Pattee

Product Director - Configuration

Justin Cimino

Product Director - Policies/Quote

Svetlana Bronshteyn

Product Director - Data

Sal Darji

Product Director - Platform

Kelly Avina

Product Director - Claims/Financials/Docs

Chris Heggelund

Senior Vice President of Services

Amanda Quint

Vice President of Solution Architecture

Mark Hudson

Vice President of Implementation

Rob Ogle

Vice President of Customer Service

Lindsay Brooks

Director of Configuration

Ben Hayden

Vice President of Engineering

Myles Loffler

Vice President of Product Architecture

Kujtim Hoxha

Director of Engineering

Chastin Reynolds

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Tony Diodato

Senior Vice President of Sales

Jeff Haner

Director of Market Research and Strategy

Jamie Steward

Director of Sales Engineering

Jonathan Kitchin

Senior Vice President of Operations

Zack Wolfenzon

Vice President of Finance

Ingrid Vasquez

Director of Human Resources

Matthew Casperson

Director of Information Security and Compliance

Lisa Gilgan

Director of Training

Katie Wilcox

Director of Documentation

Chris Welch

DirectoR OF Agile Practice