MUNICIPAL MUTUAL: Outsourced Printing and Mailing

Municipal Mutual Insurance Company of WV outsourced printing and mailing services to MassPrinting using BriteCore’s API and community source development program. In less than two months, MMIC reduced internal processing time by up to 88% and reallocated resource capacity of four employees to other projects within their company.

Business Need

MMIC’s search for an alternative print and mailing solution was prompted by a need for document disaster recovery capabilities. Prior to the integration, the office completed all printing and mailing through in-office printers. In the event of a software or printer failure, document processes came to a stand-still until hardware and software was either repaired, updated, or re-programmed. 

Project Team

A small group of MMIC employees collected information for solution integration and implementation. The company relied on the third-party vendor to manage all other aspects of the project including:

  • General project management 
  • User access management
  • Portal setup and configuration 
  • API development and file transfer 
  • Organization and presentation of files 
  • Creation of print samples for client review

Phases and Timeline

The time frame between project kick-off and live date was less than two months. MMIC provided MassPrinting with a template of documents printed on a daily basis. MassPrinting used the template to launch a printing portal comprised of all necessary documents. MMIC processing staff reviewed and tested the daily print jobs from the portal before going live with the new procedure.

Tools and Technology

MMIC selected MassPrinting due to their reputation for providing quality implementations, ability to integrate with APIs, and ongoing partnership with BriteCore––MMIC’s centralized platform for core, data, and digital solutions. MassPrinting is also an active participant in BriteCore’s Community Source Development program, which grants MassPrinting’s engineers access to BriteCore’s source code repository and online developer community. 

Overcoming Challenges

Participating in an open source project was new for MMIC. The company believes their good standing relationships with current clients and their strategic partnership with a vendor who actively participates in open source development helped the company smoothly transition to the new solution. MMIC was the fifth BriteCore client to use MassPrinting with early adopters such as Panhandle Mutual Insurance and Leatherstocking Cooperative Insurance laying the initial groundwork for seamless integration and implementation.

Success Factors

MMIC credits implementation ease and success to excellent project management and access to BriteCore’s print API. With the API, data transferred securely from BriteCore’s administration system to MassPrinting. MassPrinting then processed and organized the data into the printing portal. This allowed portal configuration without large work requirements of MMIC staff. The web portal provides the flexibility of ordering print and mail jobs from anywhere with available internet connection.


MMIC’s outsourced printing solution allowed the company to streamline operations, realign internal resources, reduce equipment costs, and fully outsourced printing, mailing, and disaster recovery services to a third party vendor in less than 60 days. Reliance on and the cost of in-office printers has been eliminated and the time spent on processing deliverables has gone from 12–16 weekly employee hours to 2–3 weekly employee hours. As a result, the company has transferred resource capacity of four employees to more value-added internal projects and cross-training efforts.