Helping Renters Nationwide Find Home Sweet Home

Jetty Inc. offers renters insurance in 45 states from their custom-built, direct-to-consumer web platform. The company set out not only to offer renters insurance nationwide, but also to make moving into a new home easier. Jetty also sells two additional products that help renters access their desired home: Passport Deposit, a security deposit replacement product, and Passport Lease, a lease guarantor service. Insureds can receive quotes, buy policies, manage policy payments, submit claims, find a lease guarantor, and replace their security deposit directly from their website. The start-up InsureTech built the direct-to-consumer portal from scratch in less than eight months. Jetty is now on track to offer their rental products nationwide within one year of portal completion.



Customized Direct-To-Consumer Renters Insurance

Live In Less Than
Eight Months


Surpassed Every Sales Goal Since Product Creation

With BriteCore’s Community Source model, we paid less, created our project faster, and understood the technology better than other administration systems. We were also in full control of the project’s timeline.
— Davin Chew, Jetty CTO