Insured Portal

BriteCore offers customized, integrated, and branded apps for customers. The most widely used mobile BriteApp is the Insured Portal. The Insured Portal's self-service functions are available from any internet-ready device used in any location. BriteApps enables customers to engage in interactions ranging from simple account information updates to claims submission and tracking. 


100% Customizable Frontend

The BriteApps Insured Portal can be 100% customized to your company. The app is configurable to any workflow or processes your company desires. We deploy a frontend implementation allowing a range of themable display options such as company, logo, or fonts for instant brand recognition. Any text displayed to users (help messages, directions, dashboard messages) can be updated at any time to  match your company's brand. 



Server architecture and functionality is housed in a single backend service that reduces costs and allows new innovations to be deployed rapidly across all clients. As new features are built, the backend processes are made available to all clients who wish to use them (e.g., authentication directly into BriteCore, serving up attachments, geolocating a property).


Enhanced Automation

Insureds can enroll in autopay and email notifications, decreasing printing and mailing requirements within your company. Additionally, through electronic claim submission, customer-submitted claims are automatically added to your Agent and Administrator BriteCore portals for processing. The enhanced automation offered by the portal allows transfer of resources to other beneficial company projects.


Secure Payments

Insureds can carry out payment and policy processes with guaranteed security. User authentication, password-strength rating, and login at each new app session ensures that only valid users access their insurance information.  Insured ACH and Credit Card information are securely stored by your credit processing vendor for efficient return payments and autopay enablement. 


Document Management

During app enrollment, insureds can choose to receive documents electronically via email. Carriers select which policy-related documents are emailed and viewable from the insured's document module. Insureds can also upload property photos to a policy or claim. Any files uploaded by an insured are automatically added to your Agent and Administrative portal for seamless document organization.