Usage Based Hosting

Avg $500-$2,000 / month


BriteCore leverages the full power of Amazon Web Services to provide a hosting package that is tailored to each company's scalability and durability requirements. Costs are variable depending on the configuration selected. A ten million dollar company averages $1k per month, while a hundred million dollar company averages $4k per month.


Cloud Hosting

BriteCore maximizes the power of the Amazon Web Services cloud environment. We utilize CloudFormation to build EC2 server clusters with Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing deployed over multiple availability zones. Data is stored in RDS, while files reside in EBS volumes and S3 buckets with long term storage in Glacier. We offer a fast and reliable hosting environment that takes full advantage of modern cloud hosting.


Disaster Recovery

We offer the absolute best disaster recovery services possible. Since BriteCore is web-based, you have no reliance on your local office to maintain operations. Many of our clients have operated without interruption through natural disasters from the comfort of their own homes on a laptop or even a cellphone. With multiple availability zones, you can say goodbye to hot and cold sites for your admin system. In addition to hourly backups, we offer live automatic failover to systems located on opposite coasts.



We utilize the full power of Auto Scaling to allow BriteCore to scale on demand. New servers can be added to your cluster automatically based on parameters you set. Amazon has spent nearly $15 billion to build out the largest and most robust hosting architecture in the world, and you can enjoy the advantages for a few hundred dollars a month.


Live test Sites

One of the biggest advantages of our investment in deployment automation through AWS is the ability to provide an infinite number of live test sites. Every BriteCore client is able to test features under development on a fully deployed clone of their live site. We have built out the capacity to spin up a clone of your live site on the fly, copy your live data, and then deploy the release to the cloned site. Since AWS allows an unlimited number of server clusters, we can launch as many test sites as needed so you can explore and validate new features with live data before they are deployed.


99.9% UpTime

Deployed across multiple availability zones, AWS applications are extremely durable. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, which translates to less than 9 hours of outage in a year. Functionally, our AWS sites have never gone down. We are networking professionals that will keep you up and running.