BriteCore manages the full document lifecycle from generation to printing. BriteCore generates both custom and standard documents based on system events, indexes and images documents with the appropriate policy or claim, and automatically delivers the document via print or email.


Branded, Customized Deliverables

BriteCore comes pre-stocked with standard deliverable templates that can be personalized through dynamic fields, logos, and signature graphics. Carriers can customize these deliverable templates by state and line of business and select who receives printed deliverable copies. Users can also create custom deliverables for insureds, allowing advanced clients to build customized, dynamic forms using the Jinja2 Templating Language for unlimited flexibility.


Integrated Printing

BriteCore automatically generates all paperwork to be printed during nighty batch processing. Declarations, renewals, invoices, notices, and all other documents are created and organized without user intervention. Once nightly processing is completed, BriteCore will interface with your printer and launch the daily print job. When you arrive in the morning, everything is printed, sorted, and ready for mailing, saving you time and effort.


Organized Lifecycle Documents

With BriteCore's enhanced imaging and document management system, users can store, search, organize, and retrieve documents efficiently in BriteCore. The Attachments module stores all items including policy documents, deliverables, photos, statements, and other uploadable files, and integrates with Policies, Claims, Contacts, Lines, and Reports modules for easy retrieval. Permissions can also be implemented to set which documents specified users may view.