Contact Management

BriteCore is fully equipped with a contact management system that allows users to view and store information relevant to the individuals and organizations with which they do business. The Contacts module contains listings for insureds, mortgagees, vendors, staff, agents, and more with instant propagation throughout each of BriteCore’s modules.


Module Integration

When you add contacts to BriteCore, the system will pre-populate other data entry fields in other modules using the information entered in Contacts. Users will be able to write policies more quickly since all vital data regarding insureds, agents, and businesses will be organized and easily accessible.


Customer-Centric View

Contacts provides users with a customer-centric view of insurance. Rather than viewing your insureds on a policy-by-policy level, you can display each person who has insurance with your company and then view a list of policies to which they belong. This format allows agents to become more personally acquainted with insureds, thus increasing the appeal of your company to customers.



Each contact is assigned roles (insured, agent, etc.) to assist you in keeping your business organized. Roles allow the system to manage different details of a contact based on their targeted interaction with the system. For example, the "insured" classification is set up to track risk location(s), credit score, and social security number, while the "agent" classification is set up to track producer number, commission structures, and agency association.



BriteCore’s Contacts module offers a base level of Customer Intelligence that allows you to manage all agents, insureds, mortgagees, vendors, and staff in a central location. When used to its full potential, the Contacts module provides insight into the behavior and experience of your company's customer base, allowing you to build deeper and more effective business relationships.