BriteCore is hosted fully in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) framework. AWS is a highly secure IT service infrastructure that provides a reliable, secure, elastic platform that is geographically distributed. Their pricing models are very customizable and flexible based on usage, which allows customers to provision temporary resources at a low cost. BriteCore is also a member of the AWS Partner Network, which gives clients confidence in our depth of knowledge on AWS and its business benefits. Customer value and benefits to building on top of Amazon’s infrastructure are listed below.


Benefits of Cloud Technology

We partner with progressive insurance  companies to provide a flexible path toward ongoing innovation. We help carriers make wise technology investments that eliminate upfront investment, lower ongoing costs, and increase flexible, capacity, speed and agility. 


Fully Web-Based

BriteCore is built to maximize the scalability, durability, and security of the Amazon Web Services cloud. Our clients enjoy fully managed enterprise level deployments without the headache or expense of on premise infrastructure. Disaster Recovery is included by design with live failover, distributed hosting, self-healing server clusters, and automated backups.

Software As A Service Model

BriteCore’s SaaS model replaces license fees and capital expenditures with a monthly subscription so there's no upfront investment for customers. Clients receive unlimited access to all features along with all new enhancements for a recurring percentage of Written Premium. Automatic updates are performed daily on client sites and eliminate the need for disruptive system upgrades. All clients remain on the latest release of BriteCore.


Platform Architecture

BriteCore allows carriers to extend the system’s core functionality through API integrations which are easily accomplished via single-sign-on. This enables carriers to build powerful integrations and stand alone applications that communicate seamlessly with BriteCore through any web accessible application or platform.



Client and vendor partners can enhance our core system through code contribution. Backed with a mature toolset, our partners are able to directly shape the future of the platform. All code submissions must pass strict testing and quality control guidelines, allowing contributors to grow the range and functionality of BriteCore both safely and securely. 


Low Ongoing Cost

AWS operates on a massive economy of scale, which allows prices to fall steadily. We can flexibly provision machines during the hours they are needed, allowing us to perform burst operations that require vast processing power for a tiny per-minute cost. Additionally, Cloud Computing drives down ongoing IT labor costs while giving us access to a highly distributed, full-featured platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure.


Flexible Capacity

Our customers are not limited by the hardware, power, or admin capacity of a physical network. Rather, our customers remain agile, which allows them to pursue ideas and scale them quickly. For example, carriers can use AWS' flexible capacity to deploy large server instances for peak business hours and produce cloned BriteCore sites for testing. Clients never have to worry about hardware, storage, or admin capacity when experimenting with new ideas.


Speed & Agility

BriteCore develops and deploys solutions for customers faster than other vendors because we have eliminated the hassle and maintenance of the IT layer. While we focus on application development, Amazon procures, delivers, and runs servers. With Cloud Computing, we can provision resources as we need them. BriteCore can deploy hundreds or even thousands of servers in minutes, without talking to anyone. This self-service environment increases how quickly we can develop and deploy applications for you.