BriteCore Access

BriteCore access fees are indexed as 1% of premium and adjusted monthly based on the prior month. Monthly fees give you unlimited access to the BriteCore platform, software maintenance, feature development, concierge support, online education, integration and extensions.


BriteCore Platform

BriteCore is an all-in-one policy admin and insurance processing suite comprised of core, data, and digital modules that work together to operate your insurance company. As the product of many innovators and visionaries who have committed both time and money, BriteCore is the most advanced insurance processing system available for property casualty insurance. Since development began in 2009, the system has grown and matured into a stable, flexible, and feature-rich platform that’s proven and effective. BriteCore has invested hundreds of thousands of man hours and tens of millions of dollars in direct product development for BriteCore and the supporting infrastructure. The initial access fee opens core modules and features developed to date, allowing you to take full advantage of years worth of research and development immediately for a small fraction of the development cost.


Feature Development

BriteCore operates on a continuous development cycle, releasing updates to clients on a nightly basis. This model brings steady value to customers through ongoing innovation and support. We are currently operating at a release rate of about 800 features per year. Releases are automatically scheduled and deployed to client sites overnight, keeping 100% of our client base on the latest release with no management required from the carrier.


Software Maintenance

There is no capital expense or IT training required to launch and deploy BriteCore. Our staff manages the entire process for customers, greatly simplifying personnel and infrastructure logistics. Each customer's monthly access fee helps support general system maintenance projects including software research and development, networking services, and core infrastructure upgrades.       


Customer Support

BriteCore provides ongoing support through the employment of friendly, knowledgable, and responsive staff. In addition to a team trained to kindly and promptly resolve difficulties, customers have access to BriteCore’s comprehensive support website and online community forum. Support costs are built directly into BriteCore's access fee, requiring no additional support fees.


Online Education

We continually update our system to leverage the benefit of new technology. As we develop our products and services, we publish software documentation, process documentation, and feature release notes to our customer support site. Our documentation is comprehensive and strives to advise customers on how to best implement features, processes, or workflows in BriteCore. Additionally, customer-wide announcements are posted to BriteCore's dashboard so all users remain up-to-date on important topics.


Integration & Extension

As an API driven platform, BriteCore is very easy to extend. Many new insurer initiatives are driven by distribution, underwriting, or pricing innovations. The tooling required to support these competitive advantages is easily achieved with BriteCore via API integration, or built directly into the system via community source code contribution.