BriteCon2019 Recap

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Catch Up on the 2019 Presentations

BriteCon2019 offered more content than ever before from product teams, service personnel, and current clients.

Keynote Presentation

Phil Reynolds
In this session, BriteCore’s CEO and Co-Founder Phil Reynolds starts off with an overview of where BriteCore is today, how far we’ve come, and where we’re going next. Plus, get a look at recent wins from all our BriteCore clients.

Modernizing BriteCore

Myles Loffler
We’re looking ahead to solutions and product architecture that will enable us to support you as we move into the future of insurance. Myles talks more about how we’re advancing our technology - and what that means for you.

Client Spotlight

Panhandle Farmers Mutual InsURANCE
Art Meadows, President and CEO of Panhandle Farmers Mutual and BriteCore’s very first customer, gives his personal perspective on BriteCore’s 10-year history, from its founding to its identity today.


Delisson Silva
Delisson provides an update on BriteAuth, the first of BriteCore’s new microservice products to go live. We also overview a few of BriteAuth’s optional features, and how they can protect your organization from a security breach.


Cristiano Cortezia
BriteAccess partners with BriteAuth to keep your data safe. We’re pleased to provide you with centralized and consistent role-based access control, as our BriteAccess architect, Cristiano Cortezia, will tell you.


Chelsea Ux
BriteLines is at the forefront of our new products, and we’ve made it even better over the past year. Chelsea Ux, our BriteLines product owner, is here to tell you about new features.


Grant McConnaughey
BriteQuote offers configurable pages, components, and fields so that users can create their own quoting wizards for a variety of lines of business. And it’s seamlessly integrated with the rest of the BriteCore products.


Nick Cash & Rebecka Nawrocki
A new integrations team is here to share how we're continuing to grow our ability to connect with external service and data providers so  clients can craft the best workflows for their businesses.


Justin Cimino & Wes St. Clair
BritePolicies is at the heart of the BriteCore solution. In this session, our policies team talk through where BritePolicies is today and the exciting new capabilities we are adding in the future.


Augusto Goulart & Kelly Avina
As you track your in-force policies, you want to be sure the premiums are being paid. Our BriteBilling team will tell you more about the financial side of things, how BriteBilling has advanced this year, and where we’re headed next.


Aaron Herrmann
No one wants them to happen, but claims do occur. The good news is that processing and tracking claims in BriteCore is better than ever. Learn about the latest developments and watch an on-screen demo.


Paul Bockewitz
One of the critical aspects of managing claims is collecting information. We all have experienced challenges with creating, finding, and sharing critical information. BriteNotes is our solution to that problem.


Chastin Reynolds
As BriteCore continues to evolve to better serve you, we place a high priority on communication. From new technology to organizational initiatives, we have a lot of benefits to tell you about.

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion on how insurance customers’ expectations are changing in the digital world - and what all of us in the insurance industry need to do to meet those expectations.


Elaine Cummings & Mark Powers
BriteCore helps you reach your customers digitally through BriteApps. Learn more about how you can offer the convenience of web and mobile applications to your policyholders.


Jacob Foster
BriteCore products support your operations and underneath that technology is the BriteCore platform. Learn about the components we are building to support BriteCore’s migration to a microservices architecture.


Svetlana Bronshteyn
Data plays an increasingly vital role in how insurers operate in the digital world. Learn about the latest developments and how we’re working to bring you strategic data that leads to business insights.

Client Spotlight

Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company
Loudoun Mutual shares their story as one of the six original insurers in the BriteCore family. They discuss the obstacles they faced as a small regional carrier in the digital world, and how BriteCore is helping them meet the challenge.

Evolution of Program Planning

Melanie Smith
Gain more context on how we’re applying the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) at BriteCore and what benefits you can expect. SAFe empowers us to continuously evolve and improve, with the single goal of seeing our clients succeed.

Major Engineering Initiatives

The program planning guidelines outlined in the previous video translate into several major engineering initiatives. Learn more about what our engineering teams have accomplished and what they have planned next.

BriteDocs and BriteDrive

Winslow DiBona
Learn everything you need to know about the new document features in BriteCore. BriteDocs offers full customization of all deliverables, automation for filling Acrobat forms, and tooling for in-house maintenance.


Demian Calcaprina & Nico Gomez
Our BriteRules architects are here to make your life easier. They have some major wins to tell you about, including a mature BriteQuote integration, the first version of Rule Editor, and a new UI for rule management.

DevOps Poolside Chat

Ben Hayden & Daniel Roy Greenfeld
In this session, Daniel Roy Greenfeld, Vice President of Engineering, and Ben Hayden, our Vice President of Platform, tell you what DevOps is, how it works at BriteCore, and its enormous benefits for you, our clients.


Mark Hudson
Take a look at our implementation team’s journey and gain insight on BriteCore’s decision to be an agile company. Mark shares the best practices we are adopting to support that choice.

Customer Service

Rob Ogle
Once your implementation is complete, a different BriteCore team comes into play: Customer Service. Learn about the key improvements we’re making in how we serve our clients.


Will Guldin
Learn about our Design team and the research our team has done during 2019, their findings, and their plans for future research and testing - and how all of this is designed to make BriteCore’s technology easier for you to use.

Client Spotlight

CFM Insurance
Jake Black, President and CEO, explains how BriteCore’s easy-to-use platform has assisted them in their efforts by offering ease of business and a multiplicity of access points for vendor partnerships.