BriteCon2017 Presentations


BriteCore Yearly Recap | Phil Reynolds
See what BriteCore has done this past year to improve your service. Meet our new team members, welcome new community members, and view significant features developed in these presentation slides.

Product Development | Phil Reynolds
BriteCore CEO Phil Reynolds overviewed the company's product roadmap. Over the next five years, BriteCore plans to completely rewrite its software suite. By making the suite more modular, stable, and scalable, BriteCore will be able to support the needs of all insurers globally. Download the presentation to learn more.

Operations Structure | Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds, BriteCore COO, presented on the company’s operations.  Operations staff must strive to help clients implement and maintain the software on time and on budget. The presentation overviews how the operations team ensure that each client has dedicated attention and can meet their goals. View the operations presentation slides here.

BriteApps | Scott Blevins & Bethany Smith
The BriteApps Demo presentation discusses the need to adapt new technology. With an increasing number of policyholders preferring smart technology to human contact, many insureds must change their policy offerings. The presentation demonstrates a solution to this change: BriteCore's mobile insured portal, BriteApps. Interested in learning more? Watch the BriteApps demonstration.

Auto and Generic Risks | Generic Risks Team
Policies in BriteCore no longer have to be tied to a physical location, allowing BriteCore to support any line of business because insurance. Learn more about generic risks updates and the benefits it offers you here.

Custom Quoting with BriteCore | Will Guldin
BriteCore’s flexible Policy Wizard allows companies to customize their workflow. Customize branding, setup, and quoting via API. Learn more about customizations available from the Policy Wizard.

BriteClaims | Grant McConnaughey
This past year, BriteCore built a new claims module. BriteClaims now supports new lines of business and is highly customizable to each carrier. Watch a demonstration of the new module.

Client Satisfaction Results | Rob Ogle
Curious about BriteCore’s support service results? View statistics on support tickets such as time to first reply, wait time, and overall satisfaction.

BriteData | Ivan Rodriguez & Kujtim Hoxha
The BriteData team presented updates in BriteCore reporting capabilities, including the new Agency Experience dashboard and CSR Dashboard. View the reporting product roadmap in the presentation slides.

DevOps Overview | Matt Thompson
Peek behind the curtain to learn about how BriteCore’s DevOps team keeps all sites secure, backed up, and running at optimal performance. Learn more about DevOps here.

Client Spotlight: Municipal Mutual | MassPrinting Integration
Municipal Mutual Insurance Company presented the results of their MassPrinting implementation. Through MassPrinting's seamless integration with BriteCore, Municpal reduced internal print and mail processing time by up to 88% and reallocated the time of four full-time employees to more value-added work. Learn more about the implementation process.

Client Spotlight: Alamance Mutual | Hazardhub Integration
Alamance Famer's Mutual Insurance Company presented on their recent HazardHub integration. HazardHub's risk assessment solution automated AFM's risk assessment inquiries and reporting. AFM's integration dramatically reduced errors, saved time, and reduced costs. How did Alamance integrate?

Client Spotlight: Jetty Inc. | Custom Distribution
Jetty Inc. develops solutions to solve problems of the modern insurer, such as moving into a first apartment. They provide technology in an beautiful platform to help insureds easily secure a deposit, lease guarantor, and renter’s insurance policy. Learn more about their customization and creation of a direct-to-insured portal.


The HazardHub integration is free to BriteCore clients until December 31, 2017. To take advantage of the offer: 1) Submit a BriteCore support ticket requesting the HazardHub integration. 2) Sign up at 3) Get an API key from the api.hazardhub portal. 4) Add the API key to your BriteCore “Vendors” account. If you have any questions, contact Bob Frady (


Featured Vendors


HazardHub | Hazard Data

At HazardHub, we have two simple goals. The first is to create the best geographic hazard data available including—but not limited to—flood risk, wildfire exposure, fire protection and storm surge risks. The second goal is to make it easy, fast, and inexpensive to access the data insurance professionals need to understand the hazardous risk of a property. To achieve these goals, we offer comprehensive, national data directly accessible via BriteCore.


Massprinting | Outsourced Printing

MassPrinting is a leading provider of document output solutions to the insurance industry and take pride in being print and mail experts. We currently provide document output solutions and services to seven BriteCore clients. Our approach is our differentiator. We focus on understanding your specific business processes, technology platforms, and challenges. Utilizing BriteCore's advanced technical capabilities, we are able to deliver simple solutions through innovative technologies that enhance and improve your current process and platform, rather than disrupting them. 


AAIS | Forms and rating

AAIS serves the P&C insurance industry as the only national nonprofit advisory association wholly owned and operated by its member companies. AAIS delivers tailored advisory solutions including top-shelf policy forms, rating information and data management capabilities. Our consultative approach and unrivaled customer service underscore our commitment to the success of our members. Established in 1936, over 700 insurers across the country now rely on AAIS.


Primoris | payment processing

Primoris Services offers a flexible, configurable, robust payment processing solution backed by a company dedicated exclusively to the insurance industry. Primoris offers online, mobile, recurring and IVR payments all while offering low merchant rates and flexible fee structures. Primoris processes credit, debit and e-checks all within the same application. Partner with the Insurance Industry Experts! Contact Angela Abbott: or (817) 526-0740.


e2value | property valuation

As the leading provider of web-based property valuation solutions, e2Value can assist you with all of your Insurance-to-Value (ITV) and collateral value monitoring needs. Our online property valuation software is fast, cost-effective, accurate, and offers an excellent user experience.