Cloud Technology Still a Bit Cloudy?

A Practical Guide to Realizing Value from Web-Based Services

The cloud has become a significant driving force for digital innovation in insurance. In business, 77% of enterprises operate on cloud services, and 31% of enterprises manage over 1,000 servers in the cloud[1]. Cloud is transforming insurance companies by shifting focus toward customer-centric and environment-driven technologies. The impact of this innovation can be seen in a number of tech trends, including digital customer relationship management, digital customer interaction, legacy replacement, modern architecture, algorithmic risk assessment, and live streaming of IoT analytics... read more

6 Components of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Successful marketing is all about delivering the right message at the right moment. Your message must be accessible and appealing to customers when they are searching for new products and services. 81% of customers today conduct research on the internet before making a purchase decision[1]. As the internet and digital platforms continue to gain momentum as a trusted source of information, carriers must establish an effective digital marketing strategy... Read More