Top 12 Areas BriteCore Delivers ROI

Good software can have a high Return on Investment (ROI) in the long run. It’s our job to help you identify the areas where you can realize that return and to help set the right expectations for how long it’ll take to get there. Based on conversations and case studies with current clients, here are some of the areas where you could expect to have ROI after implementation of BriteCore.


BriteCore is a tight-knit community invested in each other’s success. Membership brings with it highly-responsive customer service with a dedicated Account Executive, implementation support and training, and a 24/7 critical defect phone line. With an available online forum and a client advisory board, you’ll have the ability to contribute suggestions and feature ideas for the BriteCore system. Additionally, through our national and regional conferences, you’ll have the opportunity to build strong relationships and share ideas with other carriers and vendors.

Cloud Computing

When you use BriteCore, you’re operating a processing system designed and built in the 21st century. Our online software adopts the “Software as a Service” model and runs entirely on the cloud, providing significant advantages over older, disk-based systems. With BriteCore, your staff can work remotely, needing nothing more than a laptop, iPad, or smart phone with Internet access. It means lower IT costs since there’s no need to purchase and maintain servers for your processing system because it’s hosted in our high-security server facility 80 feet underground, providing incredible disaster recovery. BriteCore offers the ultimate peace of mind because it goes wherever you go.

Lines of Business & Rates

In BriteCore, you configure your lines of business, coverages, and rates directly in the system. You can copy all of your existing lines and rates with the click of a button, make changes, and then set the new effective date. When the date arrives, your agents automatically see the updates in the quoting system and all of your billing and print deliverables reflect your changes. Some BriteCore clients have gone from six months of planning time for a rate change down to a couple of weeks. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to easily deploy new lines of business or cancel unprofitable ones.

Quoting & Application

BriteCore includes access to our advanced online quoting and application system, BriteQuote. Agents can quickly generate a quote based on the lines of business and rates you configured in BriteCore and instantly convert the quote into an application – all with seamless, automatic enforcement of your underwriting standards. Agents can only bind policies that meet your criteria, and when they submit an application, it’s emailed straight to the underwriter for approval. The best part: no double-entry. Underwriters simply click “approve” and BriteCore creates a new policy in your system.

Agent Portal

Through our Agent Portal in BriteCore, your agents have online access to their insureds’ policies, billing information, and claims. This means fewer questions and phone calls from agents and insureds. And when your agents do have questions, they can instant message your underwriters through BriteCore’s Live Chat feature. This works especially well when an insured is in an agent’s office and they have an immediate question. BriteCore’s ease of use has been a major factor in recruiting and retaining agents.

Vendor Integrations

BriteCore provides access to an ever-growing list of integrated vendors, like ISO, for pulling loss histories and credit reports, and InsVista for mortgagee notifications. Currently supported vendors can be quickly configured at no cost from us. Most importantly, our continuous technological advancements allow us to add new vendor capabilities each year without introducing additional charges. See our list of supported vendors here.

Policy Lifecycle Automation

With BriteCore, you don’t have to worry about manually managing each step of the lifecycle for your policies. Based on the Lines of Business, Rates, and Settings that you configure, you’ll receive automated email alerts when the system requires your input, like reviewing a policy before its renewal or dealing with a non-pay from an automated payment source. This feature makes you more efficient and prevents important to-dos from being lost in the shuffle. Additionally, BriteCore easily handles changes to your policy coverages and endorsements. If a new coverage is added with an effective date before a policy’s renewal date, BriteCore automatically adds the coverage to the dec.

Forms Printing & Changes

With BriteCore, it’s easy to change the version of your forms or your rating bureau. For each line of business and coverage you set up in BriteCore, you upload the copy of the form you want to be delivered to insureds. This can be done as often as needed with the click of a button. You can also configure your dec sheets and billing invoices the way you want them. Whenever policy documents need to be issued to insureds, the system prints off the correct documents for that policy. You don’t have to worry about the wrong forms being given to insureds, and you don’t have to keep paper copies of your forms anymore.

Payment Automation

With BriteCore and one of our payment processing vendors, you can automate most of your payments. Commissions can be electronically paid to agents with the click of a button. Payments from agents and insureds can be received via ACH or credit card and are automatically associated with the correct account. And if you do receive any checks or money orders, we partner with a vendor to provide an in-office check scanning service. With BriteCore, a paperless office is within your reach.

Online Documents & Notes

BriteCore stores every version of every document it produces in an easily searchable history. Additionally, BriteCore features a robust audit trail, which tracks every significant change made to the system and database by your users. This means you have a complete account of what’s in your processing system for audits, litigation, and your internal use. Never worry about losing a key document again; you’ll have ultimate visibility into your records.

Expanding Features

Two big things distinguish BriteCore from its competitors. First, the system is built using current web technology—not antiquated technology like COBOL or Visual Basic—and our engineering team is dedicated to keeping our technology up-to-date. Second, our technology allows us to keep adding new features and vendors at a pace significantly faster than any of our competitors. We’re currently working on several enhancements to make the BriteCore experience better, and we’re adding support for new lines of business.

Tax Savings

BriteCore is a long-term capital investment by your company. While we can’t offer you tax advice, depending on the advice of your tax professional, you may be able to capitalize BriteCore’s license, training, and implementation fees on your balance sheet. Even if you can’t capitalize them, you may be able to depreciate BriteCore’s cost over 3-5 years on your taxes. Or if you expect to show a significant profit, you may be able to immediately depreciate the fees using Section 179 of the federal tax code. There’s quite a bit of flexibility with the tax treatment of software purchases, so you can invest in your company’s future success while reducing your taxable income. Please consult your tax advisor for their recommendation.