BriteCore really does do it all. Quotes, Applications, Policies, Billing, Claims, Reports, and more, are all housed in one quick, easy-to-use package.

  • Quotes and Applications. BriteCore features a seamlessly integrated, agent-oriented quoting and application module. Multiple facets of the module, such as the content, underwriting, and rating, are completely and dynamically built from the policy types and underwriting you specify in BriteCore. This ensures that your agents see only what they need to, dramatically increasing the speed and accuracy in generating a quote.
  • Policies. Whether you’re writing a new policy or managing existing policies, BriteCore’s policies module provides you with the functionality, ease-of-use, and readiness you need. In BriteCore, you’ll find the ability to write multi-location policies and have access to numerous integrated vendors. You’ll also notice that any policy changes automatically trigger system-generated notes, providing an audit trail for your reference.
  • Billing. BriteCore equips you with the ability to easily manage payment methods and schedules for each insured’s policy. For each policy, you can define who gets billed, how that bill is delivered, and when they get billed. You can also determine how they will pay the bill by selecting ACH, e-check, or credit card. Finally, batch processing and accounting can be done to single policies or to multiple policies at once.
  • Claims. The claims module of BriteCore allows you to create claims pre-populated with information from the policy, eliminating re-keying of information. A unique feature of the claims module is the capacity to file claims against an entire policy or specific policy coverages. Additionally, for each claim, you can specify reserve amounts and track the losses that have been paid and payments that have been issued.
  • Reports. In BriteCore, the reports module is your data warehouse. Here, you can view data totals and ratios that are critical to running your company. The reports module can give you targeted demographic data that you can use to enhance your marketing power. The reports you generate are printable directly from BriteCore in industry standard Microsoft Excel format.