Disaster Recovery

We realize that nothing is more important after a disaster than being able to get back on your feet quickly. BriteCore is designed to speed-up that process and spare you some of the headache along the way.

  • Secure Hosting. We host BriteCore from the SpringNet Secure Data Center, a 56,000 square foot, high-security computing and telecommunications facility. Located 85 feet below the surface and surrounded by solid limestone, SpringNet keeps data safe from natural and most man-made disasters. In addition, the servers are protected by seven layers of security and an FM-200 fire suppression system.
  • SQL Access. We believe that your data is your data. That’s why we enable clients who desire direct access to their data to have that access. As a result, custom reports and query results based on your data are only a few SQL commands away.
  • Frequent Backups. We ensure that all databases, including training sites, are copied and archived hourly. Additionally, all site documents and uploads are copied and archived daily. You can rest assured that your data is safe and always within reach.