IWS Releases New Change Management System

On February 19, 2013, IWS officially released BriteIdeas, a new change management system that handles clients’ shifting priorities by placing work inside a transparent queue. This work is composed of both community and client-funded change requests and can be accessed by clients over the internet. Equipped with an attractive, real-time dashboard, BriteIdeas is the primary tool for proposing changes to BriteCore.

The primary purpose of BriteIdeas is to empower clients to manage BriteCore’s evolution as a product. BriteCore has grown rapidly over the past three years, and we anticipate further growth and maturity for many years to come. However, with that growth comes an exponential increase in the number of proposed changes to the system. IWS has attempted to manage that system with e-mails and Trac tickets, but we’ve struggled to prioritize those proposals in accordance to their actual business value.

While we’ve always been open to requests, it’s no longer practical for our staff to balance and evaluate hundreds of competing proposals between 26 different BriteCore clients. Yet our vision to provide clients with the leading, cutting edge technology they deserve remains the same. For this reason, we’re implementing BriteIdeas, a robust change management system that allows our partnering clients to establish the direction of future development on BriteCore and for IWS to produce quality changes that are of the most value to users.

By implementing BriteIdeas, we’re ensuring our clients have a view into what we’re currently working on and a say in what we develop next. This helps us better focus our attention on what’s actually most important to our clients. We’re committed to openness, and we want each and every one of them to get the processing system they want and deserve.

We look forward to working on your BriteIdeas!